•             Wu’s Head Massage is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine’s basic theories of Yin/Yang, Five Elements, and the Meridian System. The basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to activate and supplement the body’s innate healing capacity to restore biological balance and harmony.

              All medicine arises out of the need to avoid pain and keep illness and disability at bay, and to lead a healthy and full life.







                  With the progress of technology and widespread of computers, we have seen an increasing number of people confined to the office. These so-called “office groups” constitute a large part of modern society. Computer programmers, secretaries, managers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, are just some of the typical white-collar professionals. Ironically, these “office groups” come to be the most susceptible victims of modern civilization.

              For instance, the fast-paced stressful city life is related to irregularities of bowl movement, insomnia, and many more disorders. Instead of walking, we now use driving as a means of transportation. At work, we sit in front of the computer, and at home, we sit in front of the TV. Yes, modern inventions serve us well, but at the same time, a train of civilization-related illnesses, such as vertigo, irritability, headache, visual fatigue, heavy shoulders, and insomnia, flares up alongside the computer, the car, and the Internet.

              The decreased physical exertion and increased neck, eye and brain activities reflect the dramatic revolution of the modern society from, say, a hundred years ago. A challenging question confronts us in the face of the rapidly changing society: Is there a natural approach to address the illness that is rooted in the modern civilization? The development of the Wu’s Head Massage is the response to the call of the above problem.